18 Feb

Working on gaining weight…so I’m struggling through this giant omelet for breakfast.

Radiohead "The King of Limbs" out today. So excited!!

18 Feb

Link: Radiohead “The King of Limbs” out today. So excited!!

The link has the video for “Lotus Flower” up.

Kinda a weird video…of course, Thom…but it’s a great song.

I’ll probably buy the album later today :)

18 Feb



Jack Daniel’s Ready to Drink

“Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey announces the release of its new Tennessee Whiskey-based ready-to-drink beverages in the United States. Scheduled to hit shelves in March in most U.S. markets, the perfectly mixed beverages offer consumers a convenient way to enjoy the legendary Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 with some of America’s favorite mixers.”

18 Feb

18 Feb


Introducing the one and only Lupus patient on House.

Before I looked it up, I had no idea that that was what he ended up being diagnosed with. Now that I’m diagnosed, I’m itching to go and watch that episode again.

Oh and the episode is 4×08 (You Don’t Want to Know), if you didn’t know.

16 Feb


16 Feb

Awwwwh. This is so sweet. I think I’m in love with this guy.


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